LVN Scholarship


The Juanita J. Martin LVN Scholarship
The Juanita J. Martin Scholarship was created in 1998 by LVN graduate and class VP in 1998. It is the first of its kind for Napa Valley College. The Juanita J. Martin LVN Scholarship is a $500 scholarship for a full-time or part-time Napa Valley College student. A student must have completed 12 units at Napa Valley College with a 2.7 GPA and be enrolled at least part-time in the LVN program at the time of application.

The Juanita J. Martin LVN Scholarship was created in 1998 by Juanita J. Martin, while she was still a nursing student. The $500 LVN scholarship is a first for Napa Valley College.

Martin was also active as her LVN class Vice-President, involved in several other activities and part-time employment. During her time at the college, Ms. Martin was awarded the Julia Miller Nursing Scholarship for $500. This award was from Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, located in Vallejo, CA.

Juanita maintained a B average throughout her training, while carrying 18-21 units at one time. She suffered numerous hardships while paying her way through school alone, with no financial support.

Juanita started the LVN scholarship because of personal experiences in her own educational endeavors. She wanted to leave this scholarship as a legacy so others would not have to struggle like she had.

The $500. LVN scholarship was designed for any LVN student, attending Napa Valley College, full-time or part-time. The scholarship is awarded every spring at the annual college scholarship ceremony. The first LVN scholarship recipient was Jill Kear, a full-time ADN student.

You can download an application for the Juanita J. Martin LVN Scholarship by clicking on the link. You must have adobe acrobat reader installed or click on for a free copy. Follow all the instructions on the application’s criteria page. You must submit your application in person in the financial aid office at Napa Valley College.