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Juanita J. Martin's freelance writing services include academic, business, and personal writing. These consists of press releases, biographies, movie, restaurant, and poetry book reviews, scholarships, speeches, poetry, articles, newsletters and flyer creation. Some of Juanita;s other services are hosting, and contest judging. She has hosted poetry events in Sonoma County such as El Dia de los Muertos 2010, in Petaluma, CA, and  Redwood Writers club events. Martin has judged contests in Solano County such as Poetry Out Loud  and the Love Poetry contests. In Napa, she was a poetry finalist judge for the Jessamyn West contest.

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Editorial Reviews

Editorial Note

In our May post on the Sonoma County Literary Update website, my co-editor Jo-Anne Rosen and I published Juanita J. Martin’s review of Iris Dunkle’s new collection of poems, There’s a Ghost in This Machine of Air (WordTech Communications, 2015).

Martin’s sensitive and intelligent response to Dunkle’s poems was particularly of interest to us for three reasons: first, most of our readers are Sonoma County residents and Dunkle’s poems highlight the history of the county; second, Dunkle recently became our county’s poet laureate, and so our readers are curious to know more about her work; and third, as someone from out side

the county, Martin was in a unique position to comment on the subject of Dunkle’s poems. Martin provided detailed responses to several poems, as well as her impression of the lyrical, emotional, and historical appeal of the book as a whole.

We do not generally publish book reviews on our website, which is primarily a calendar of literary events in the county, but we are pleased to in this case. Although she is a resident of Fairfield, where she served as the city’s poet laureate, Martin is well-known here in Solano County, particularly for her readings and her work with the Redwood Writers.

Terry Ehret, Co-Editor
Sonoma County Literary Update
Sonoma County Poet Laureate 2004-2006

Writing Samples

This press release written by Martin for the promotion of her CD, helped land a full page iarticle in the Living Section of the Daily Republic newspaper in June 2003.

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